For the past week or so we have selected a veteran and interviewed them as a “getting to know them a little bit” feature. And we’ll continue to do so, at least through Veterans Day.

Today it is Mike Sudol.

There was a bit of an economic depression in 1992, so Mike Sudol enlisted in the Army.

Courtesy Mike Sudol
Courtesy Mike Sudol

“52 Charlie, which is a heating and air conditioning technician.  Never worked on a heating or air conditioning unit. I did trucks and trailers and whatever else was around. They shipped me over to Europe for a couple of years which was awesome. I got to see the world.”

Mike did 4 years in the Army, and 4 years in the Reserves. Then he built a vacation retirement home here in Maine.

“I’m from away, originally from Massachusetts, but we moved here to the home we had built and started a family. I have a child born in Maine, so I am almost a Mainer. I love the fact that life slowed down, and there’s no more road rage.”

Mike, we thank you for your service to our country. And to us, you’re a Mainer, and you are appreciated.

As they say, tune in tomorrow, Veterans Day, for more. Every veteran I have encountered for this little series has been so down-to-earth and humble. We all need to make sure they all know how much we respect them and their duty to our country. We can't say thank you enough.

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