The Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs has released an update on which local fairs are cancelling for 2020.

With the current restrictions on large and even medium-sized gatherings, we knew that some local fairs would get canceled. And, on Saturday, the Maine Association of Fairs released a list of the fairs that won't be happening this summer. In addition, they listed the fair committees that are taking a 'wait and see' mentality, and will be updating their status as the dates get closer.

The fairs that are cancelled for 2020 include:

  • Acton Fair
  • Harmony Free Fair
  • Houlton Agricultural Fair
  • Litchfield Fair
  • Monmouth Fair
  • Northern Maine Fair
  • Osippee Valley Fair
  • Topsham Fair
  • Waterford World's Fair

Updates will be posted on the MAAF website and Facebook page.

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