A second attempt at making the largest ice carousel in the world was successful over the weekend.

Volunteers took to the ice on Long Lake over the weekend to create the world's largest ice carousel. Equipped with ice augers and massive chainsaws, hundreds of volunteers managed to cut a 427-foot circle in the ice, and make it spin.

According to FiddleheadFocus.com, the estimated 22 million pound ice carousel spun with the assistance of four outboard motors. The ice was about 30 inches thick in spots.

Lohja, Finland previously held the record for the largest ice carousel at a diameter of 122 meters, or about 400.2 feet. Because the Guinness World Records doesn't have a category on file for the world's largest ice carousel, the organization decided not to sanction the record attempt at this time.

Back in March folks attempted to create the ice carousel, but were unable to make it spin before the trench in the ice began to freeze over.

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