Maine residents age 70 and older can now register for the COVID-19 vaccine through Northern Light Health.

It's what we've all been waiting for, a vaccine that could help us all feel less vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. And that's even more crucial for people who are in the high-risk category of complications connected to the virus, especially Maine's elderly population. According to a survey by, 20.6% of Maine residents are over the age of 65, so this is a significant chunk of the population for whom a case of COVID-19 could become serious, or even deadly.

Northern Light Health has set up a portal on its website where people 70 and over can register for the COVID-19 vaccine. Registration is required and the demand for the vaccine is high, so the sooner you sign up, the better. You'll need to bring your confirmation email to the vaccination clinic, along with your insurance information.

If you register, but your confirmation email doesn't include an appointment date, don't panic. The vaccine is being rolled out per the state of Maine's phased vaccine protocol, so Northern Light Health is being cautious and only scheduling as many appointments as the amount of doses they have on-hand. They don't want to give you an appointment, only to tell you that they don't have any vaccines available. If you don't get a date right away, be patient. You will. Appointments are being added on Monday of each week. Find more information on the Northern Light Health website and find more locations administering the COVID-19 vaccine here.

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