Maine health officials say the fact that couples are being quarantined for extended periods could result in another baby boom.

The original baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964, when men were welcomed home from WWII and the Korean Conflict. The couples made up for their extended time apart, and the result was a huge amount of babies being born.

Now, health officials say the country faces another potential baby boom, with couples being stuck in the house together for weeks on end. So, Maine Family Planning is among many like organizations across the country that's working to make birth control available to everyone. WABI-TV reports new and current patients of the 18 statewide health centers have many options for obtaining birth control, including having their birth control prescriptions extended so they don't have to be renewed as often. There's even an app that will allow patients to have a virtual appointment, and get the birth control pills without having to leave their home.

In the meantime, couples may want to try passing the time a different way. Scrabble, anyone?

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