AAA reported that $4.85 was the average on Friday, breaking the previous state record. I saw $4.91 on the way in this morning.

Gas Buddy can help you find a gallon for less in the Bangor area, but only pennies less than that.

So it sure looks like here comes $5 a gallon.

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$5 for a gallon of gas in some parts of the country is what they now call the "good ole days," but it is looking more and more like it’ll happen here in Maine.

And Aroostook county is already on the cusp of $5 a gallon right now.

Forget about diesel, it’s is well over $6 a gallon, although a little bit of good news, the price of diesel actually has gone down in the past week. But, it is only down pennies from the week before.


Lots of people are throwing around theories. Supply and Demand. The Russian invasion of Ukraine. Oil companies gouging as they make record profits. The President. But no matter what we say, or what we believe, it is hitting us right in the wallet. And there is nothing we can do about it.

This comes at an inopportune time. Last week a survey revealed that many had planned to travel this summer after staying in place for the past couple of pandemic summers, and have changed their plans and now will stay home. And the number one reason given?  You got it ... prices at the pump.

Wish there was a simple solution. Of course, there isn’t. But there isn’t one among us who isn’t feeling the pinch, and all the things that have been affected by the high gas prices.

Remember the joke about the price of gas when it was under $2 a gallon?

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