This holiday season, forget the nutcracker—Mainers now have a new solution.

Jacob Knowles, a Maine lobster fisherman with 2.5 million TikTok followers, recently posed and definitively answered the pressing question.

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Knowles, known for sharing educational videos of his daily lobster hauls, embarked on a series showcasing the formidable strength of lobster claws. Demonstrating their ability to crush carrots and apples, he decided to put the walnut to the test in his latest video in the series.

Equipped with lobsters of varying sizes for a comprehensive experiment, Knowles left no stone unturned in his quest for answers.

Initially, the first lobster struggled to crack the walnut, but the second lobster effortlessly stepped in to complete the task. In jest, one might imagine the first lobster saying, "Well, I loosened it up for her to finish the job."

One comment on the video had me cracking up: “Lobsters starting to tell each other about the weird aliens who just make them crush stuff and then feed them”

Jacob's videos exude a down-to-earth charm, capturing the essence of a true Mainer. His calm and easy explanations, combined with a distinctive Downeast touch, make his content both informative and enjoyable.

I’d be careful, though. Jacob made this look way easier than I’m assuming it actually is.

For those contemplating a festive display of ‘nut cracking’ after a few glasses of eggnog, it might be wise to leave it to the professionals. As Jacob demonstrates the lobster's prowess, it's a gentle reminder not to risk losing a finger during holiday celebrations inspired by a TikTok video.

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