Thought came into my mind yesterday when the story and video came out about where people go late nights after concerts. The story happened last Friday night after a Hank Williams Jr show in Tampa, Florida and concert goers hit up their local Waffle House.
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And they broke out in song and had all the patrons in the busy restaurant singing along with 'Family Tradition', even if they didn't go to the concert and just happened to be in that Waffle House at that hour.
Late night food, especially with a little alcohol in the system, is a natural.  Concert or not.
And with the summer concert season about to kick off this Sunday night at Maine Savings Amphitheater, with the opening night show featuring Lee Brice and Cole Swindell, Live In Concert, two questions come to mind.
  1. Where do you go to grab some grub late night after the final encore has been sung?
  2. And what do you order to eat, after the probability that you've had a couple of adult beverages at the show.
Show or Or not, and alcohol inspired or not, late night munchies hit most everyone.
And Google helps break down what people want to eat, depending upon where they are located in the U.S.

Maine's #1 Late Night Go To Food is?

Getty Images
Getty Images
Grilled cheese.  Done right, what a great way to cure that hunger pang.
Overall, more people in America go for burgers when desiring late night drunk food.  Also a lot of people pick Chicken wings, Chinese food, and who among us hasn't eaten breakfast late, late night either at home or at a 24 hour restaurant or truck stop.
And their food may not have hit the top 5 choices for late night 'gotta get something to eat' impulses, but the number one after hours destination is indeed Taco Bell.
Enjoy the show this weekend. When you're out and about looking for food, and singing She Had Me At Heads Carolina or One Of Them Girls, let us know what food you crave, and where you go to get it.

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