Have you been reducing your whereabouts in the past few weeks as asked by officials nationwide, Maine?

Apparently, you're listening and heeding requests because someone is keeping track of it.

Unacast.com has created an interactive map of all of the states and counties in the United States showing who is reducing their movement and who is not.  This information is compiled by information given by mobile devices sharing location of these devices.

The better the score the less movement calculated over time and less COVID-19 reported cases.

Maine's best performing counties include Lincoln, Oxford and Piscataquis, who all earned 'A' ratings.

The worst performing counties include Aroostook, Androscoggin, and Washington counties, all with 'C' ratings.

Sagadahoc data was not included in the map.

Nationwide the best performing states are the District of Columbia, Alaska, Nevada, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, who all have earned 'A' grades.  And, the worst performing are Idaho and Montana with 'D' ratings and 'Wyoming' with an F.

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