A new tool, on the Maine CDC website, allows residents to search how many cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed in their zip code.

The map is easy to use. Just hover your mouse cursor over your community to get detailed information. The map will reveal, not only the approximate number of cases of COVID-19 in that community, (i.e. 1-5) but will also give you the town's population. For example, I live in Orrington and the map tells me there are 1-5 cases in a population of 3,707 people.


Some zip codes are excluded from the information, if they have populations of 50 or less, or if revealing the numbers would reveal the identities of those affected. I've heard many people say 'there's no COVID in my town.' A check of this map might change their minds.

Just remember, these are reported cases of COVID-19. If you don't see any cases in your zip code, don't assume it means that the virus is not in your town. There may be people who just haven't been tested, for whatever reason. The Maine CDC says social distancing and wearing face coverings are still important to prevent spreading COVID-19.

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