When it comes to disasters, America has been getting our fill of late.
Our hearts go out to those in Hawaii, experiencing the deadliest U.S. wildfires in over 100 years, estimated to have caused $5.5 Billion in damage. And much worse has claimed nearly 100 lives, as the damage and death tolls continue to grow.

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And this comes on the heels of the original prediction of hurricane risks in Florida and throughout the south being updated to suggest even more potential hurricanes and tropical storms this season.


With all that is going on when it comes to natural disasters the personal finance website WalletHub released its report yesterday on the ‘States Most Impacted by Natural Disasters’


The study uses two key metrics in determining what states finish where on the ranking. They are number of climate disasters causing at least $1 billion in damage since 1980 and the loss amount per capita of those disasters.


The Top States Most Impacted by Disasters

Mississippi is first, followed by Louisiana, Texas, Florida and Iowa.


Followed by 40 states before we get to the end of the list Since the list is of Most Impacted, Here is


The Top States Least Impacted


And that list is led by Maine as the safest. Followed by Alaska, New Hampshire, Utah and Nevada.


So again, as we feel for our fellow citizens in Hawaii.  And we hope the prediction for the upcoming hurricane season of 14 to 17 major storms expected proves to be inaccurate.


We also celebrate being right where we are, at home in Maine. Last on the list of States most impacted by disasters.

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Stacker ranked the most expensive climate disasters by the billions since 1980 by the total cost of all damages, adjusted for inflation, based on 2021 data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The list starts with Hurricane Sally, which caused $7.3 billion in damages in 2020, and ends with a devastating 2005 hurricane that caused $170 billion in damage and killed at least 1,833 people. Keep reading to discover the 50 of the most expensive climate disasters in recent decades in the U.S.

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