It seems that everywhere we go we're asked, "Hey, what evah happened to that Little Peter fellah? He's a wicked rig!" Well first of all, it's Little Peters not Little Peter. His name is Justin Peters of Lee, Maine and you're right, bub. He's a wicked rig for shoah!

Remember oh 3 or 4 years ago when he explained how essential and useful our beloved Maine soda, Moxie truly is? Justin's dry, old-timah delivery is very funny. It's pretty great to know that there are Maine younstahs out there keepin' the authentic Maine accent alive!

So back to the original question. Where's he been? Unfortunately, his LP WOW Facebook page which had over 200,000 followers was hacked last year. This stunned his fans when they started seeing crapped posted that had nothing to do with Maine and was missing those hilarious videos from Little Peters.

The good news is, Justin reached out to WBLM yesterday to let us know that he has a new Facebook page called Little Peters Words of Wisdom 2. Yee Yee!! Let's get those hundreds of thousands of people from the old page over to the new page. Friggin' click 'LIKE' ovah theah right now would ya?

He also has a YouTube channel. We've got some vids to catch up on, chummy.

Check out avid hunter, Little Peters' genius 'AK 207' made by Uncle Gus! It features a cup holder for Moxie and toilet paper holder. Here's to more laughs in 2019! Thanks Justin!



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