There will be hundreds of law enforcement officers in Augusta this morning, as they pay tribute to a fallen Fryeburg Police Officer.

Officer Nathan Desjardins was on his very first day of training when he joined in on a rescue effort of a woman who had capsized her canoe. When the rescue boat he and another officer were traveling on struck something under the water, they were both ejected and Desjardins suffered serious head injuries. A few days later, he passed away from his injuries in the hospital.

Today, his brothers and sisters in Maine Law Enforcement will gather at the Augusta Civic Center to pay tribute to Desjardins. It's a private event, per the request of the Desjardins family, and no media will be allowed inside.

We offer our thanks to Officer Desjardins and all members of Law Enforcement for everything they do each day to keep us safe. Our sincerest condolences to all of you on the loss of one of your own.

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