Last week, we reported here, about an 88-year old man from Bath who was attacked by a rabid fox, for the second time in less then six months. Most people would feel once was enough, but Norman Kenney got the joy of a second round.

The first time it happened, he wrestled it to the ground and choked it to death, but the other day when it happened, he had to hold the fox away from him until a neighbor heard him calling for help. This time, he was pretty much holding the animal down with his cane. He certainly is a legend.

Well sure enough, the story has even made it into the late night talk show circuit. The Late Show, starring former SNL Weekend Update host Seth Meyers, did a bit on it in the middle of a news segment. You have to sit through the first bit about other current events, but it hits right around the 02:00 mark.

Honestly, I think if I were going to have anyone with me out in the woods, or out on some kind of nature hike, I'd want Norman Kenney with me. Because either A) nothing can happen because the odds have already been proven high for a third attack, and B) Norman has an established history as a tough guy that takes no guff!

Norman deserves all the national attention he gets. After all, how many rabid fox attacks have you survived this year?

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