Kellie Pickler adds her own touch to the Christmas season with her 2016 holiday collection for her home product line, the Selma Drye collection.

Available exclusively through the Grand Ole Opry, the home interior line is inspired by Pickler's great grandmother, Selma.

"She was a little spitfire, I know where I get it," Pickler says with a laugh in a phone interview with Taste of Country. "I'm a part of Selma, Selma's a part of me."

The 2016 holiday collection features a variety of pieces that are all true to the country singer, including candles (some of her favorite items), ornaments, cake plates and more, with many of the products keeping consistent with the 2015 holiday collection.

But one piece in particular that's special to the star is the snow globe that includes a holiday song recorded by Pickler each year. 2016 features her favorite, "White Christmas."

"Recording 'White Christmas' in the snow globe really kind of set the theme for this year," she says, adding that it fits the color palette for the 2016 theme that features many whites, creams and rustic colors.

Unforgettable Country Christmas Traditions

"White Christmas" is not only Pickler's favorite holiday song, but one that holds special memories for her. She's sung the song alongside the former Chief of Staff for the military while performing overseas for the troops during the holiday season.

"All the soldiers would sing. It was a sweet moment," she reveals. "We want to keep that tradition every year with the snow globe and a song, kind of like a little collector's piece."

The singing snow globe is just one of many standout pieces. The new collection also includes cutting boards in the shapes of North Carolina and Tennessee, two states that hold important meaning to the star.

"I picked those two states because they represent home and Nashville, that transition of moving to Tennessee," the North Carolina native says. "It kind of marries into that song 'I Wonder' that I co-wrote about the estranged relationship with my biological mother."

2017 will find Pickler planning for the Selma Drye spring collection and recording new music. She released her most recent single, "Feeling Tonight," in 2015.

"I'm looking forward to getting back into writing and doing some studio work and getting new music out," she says. Additionally, she and husband Kyle Jacobs are hopeful they'll return for a third season of their CMT show I Love Kellie Pickler, an experience they've both enjoyed. 

"This has really enabled us to spend more time together and we get to document fun, little silly memories that we make with our friends," Pickler says of the show. "We were all in agreeance that we wanted to create a positive, fun, light-hearted show."

The Selma Drye 2016 holiday collection is available now.

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