Kalie Shorr is marking a new chapter of her career with a song written as she was preparing to start recording her breakout album Open Book -- the record that landed the singer and songwriter her newly announced record deal. "My Voice" dropped on Friday (Oct. 23).

On Instagram, Shorr shares that she wrote "My Voice" in 2019, shortly before she hit the studio for Open Book. "I never thought this song would see the light of day," she admits. "Now, a year later, so much has changed ... but there’s some things that never will."

In "My Voice," Shorr channels some of the criticisms that have been leveled at her -- she's "too rock for country, too country for punk," she laments at one point -- but also throws some shots at the industry: "Take the F-bombs out of what you wrote if you want the radio to play ya ... but they'll probably never play me, 'cause I'm not a boy," she sings, later adding, "If I stick to the script when I'm talkin' ... then my song'll go Top 10."

"The only time I'm gonna be boxed in / Is when I'm six feet under in a coffin," Shorr sings in the chorus, over crashing cymbals and loud guitars. "Only over my dead body will I stop makin' noise ... So get used to the sound of my voice / 'Cause I'm stickin' around."

Shorr recently signed her first record deal, with Tmwrk Records, a New York City-based label and management company. The organization's management roster includes, among others, Sturgill Simpson and Diplo.

As part of the new deal, Shorr's Open Book will be reissued with new music and content, as Open Book: Unabridged, on Dec. 4.

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