Kalie Shorr lays all of her insecurities and imperfections bare on "Lying to Myself," an unflinchingly honest new single that the singer wrote after a failed relationship that took place in Los Angeles, Calif., late in 2019.

"Am I out of my mind? Was this all in my head? / Am I making it up? Am I not making sense?" Shorr questions in the song's chorus. "Were you leading me on? Now I'm too sad to tell / Were you lying to me, or was I lying to myself?"

"It's so hard sometimes to keep my head out of the clouds and not idealize situations," the singer says of the song, which she co-wrote with Cora Jane Sugarman and Elias Abid. "This was me taking an honest look inside to see how maybe I had set my expectations too high, and it wasn't their [the person who the song is about] fault."

From a musical standpoint, "Lying to Myself" encapsulates the blend of singer-songwriter roots and punk aesthetic that has come to be a hallmark of Shorr's sound. "Sonically, I love how this song can feel ethereal while still having the grungy guitars that I love so much," the singer continues.

"It's one of my favorite tracks that I've produced," she adds.

"Lying to Myself" follows "My Voice," a snarling declaration of Shorr's unwillingness to conform that she put out in October. Both songs will be included on Shorr's forthcoming album Open Book: Unabridged, a deluxe version of her breakout studio record that will drop on Dec. 4 as part of her newly announced deal with New York City-based label Tmwrk Records.

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