He may be the most popular Maine spokesman evah!

Yes, we were reminded about this electrical worker when reading last week about the guy from Wales that climbed the pole outside of his house to attach jumper cable clamps to the ends of a transformer in order to steal power.  Apparently he never comprehended the most important line of those CMP commercials.

Jim Wright, an honest to god lineman for Central Maine Power has been delivering his famous line in that special downeast accent, "No line is safe to touch, evah", since about 1992.

Wright supervises transmission high-line crews from an area that starts around Bucksport and works its way to the southern and western borders of the state, according to an article in Downeast Magazine

He grew up on the coast and eventually made his way to the Skowhegan area, and yes the accent is very real, there's no phony baloney here!

He says the ice storm of 1998 made for the most memorable days of his career, and that he and his accent were once recognized at an airline ticket counter in Puerto Rico.

The girls still think that he's the cutest thing evah, and we're proud to have him not only represent one of the two biggest power companies in the area, but the state itself!

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