To say that Jelly Roll coming to Bangor is one of the most anticipated concerts of the season is no stretch.

Chris Stapelton came last month, and the buzz in Bangor was electric. All based around the concert.

Same for Jelly Roll. And that concert is Saturday night, the 5th, at Maine Savings Amphitheater.

Shout out to Jelly Roll’s timing. His song “Need A Favor” hit Number One on the National Country Charts this week. The song is his first release from his 8th album ‘Whitsitt Chapel’. That album debuted at #1 on the Top Rock & Alternative Albums charts.

The tour is Backroad Baptism, and it kicked off just a week ago. And although he is such a popular artist for numerous formats, and he has had hits in Top 40, Rap, and Alternative formats, it is country that is driving this tour.

Need A Favor currently at Number One. And ‘Son Of A Sinner’ topped the country charts too.

Plus, he is mixing it up with different genres of music, but also sings cover versions of previous Country, Top 40 and Rock hits.

The fact that Jelly Roll is so down to earth, and genuinely ‘real’, doesn’t hurt his appeal either. He is constantly doing good deeds in many ways on a daily basis.

So, hats off to Jelly Roll

What will he play in Bangor on Saturday?

This comes from Set, from almost a month ago, prior to last weeks’ kickoff of the current tour.

  • The Lost
  • The Hate Goes On
  • Halfway to Heaven
  • Creature
  • Dead Man Walking
  • Son of A Sinner
  • A 90s Country Medley
  • I Need You
  • Only
  • Same Asshole
  • Son of the Dirty South
  • The House of The Rising Sun
  • Hurricane
  • Bottle and Mary Jane
  • Need A Favor
  • Simple Man
  • She
  • Wheels Fall Off
  • Fall in the Fall
  • Smoking Section
  • Save Me

Enjoy. And his wife Bunnie XO gets the last word about Jelly Roll

You were sent here to destroy stereotypes & blaze the trail for all the have nots.

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