It was a night to remember in Bangor on Saturday as Jelly Roll, along with Struggle Jennings and Elle King, brought their electric performances to town for the "Backroad Baptism 2023" tour.

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The concert was held at the sold out Maine Savings Amphitheater, and Jelly Roll made sure to show his love for our state during the show. He reminisced about a vacation to Vacationland with his wife, Bunnie XO, and praised the state for its charm. And it seemed Maine's reputation for quality marijuana didn't escape his notice either.


During his performance, Jelly Roll couldn't resist expressing his appreciation for Maine's green offerings. Saying that we have the “best weed of the tour, so far.” For an artist like Jelly Roll, whose music often celebrates marijuana culture, this was indeed a high compliment.


Being the Pine Tree State, it's no surprise that Jelly Roll felt at ease with the local affinity for all things "green." He even gave a special shoutout to Firestorm Cannabis Company, a nod of approval that delighted the local cannabis enthusiasts in the crowd.

As the night progressed, fans started showering the stage with recreationally legal drugs. But it was Jelly Roll's call for the nationwide decriminalization of marijuana, particularly in his home state of Tennessee, that resonated deeply with the audience.


Amidst his impassioned speech, a joint soared through the air, and Jelly Roll demonstrated his impressive reflexes, catching it with flair. "If someone didn't video that, I'm gonna hate y'all forever! Please, that was the coolest catch I've ever had... Stoner reflexes, baby!" he playfully exclaimed.


Thankfully, Facebook user John Lingely captured the entire NSFW moment and shared it, ensuring that this unforgettable interaction would be preserved for posterity.

As the show came to a close, Jelly Roll bid farewell to Maine, but not for long; he said that he’s planning on coming back to Bangor soon. His next destination is the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford, NH, where he's set to dazzle the crowd on Tuesday.

However, we can't help but wonder if some time to explore the beauty of Bangor or perhaps indulge in some of the local bakeries during his downtime would help curb some "cravings." After all, some fresh-baked goods might be the perfect complement to his journey through Vacationland.

For now, Bangor will hold the memories of an epic night with Jelly Roll, Struggle Jennings, and Elle King, who made sure the "Backroad Baptism 2023" tour left its mark on this corner of Maine.

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