New England is such a unique place. It feels small in the sense that people in Rhode Island are rooting for the same sports team as people in Maine.

But New England also feels really big in the sense that towns in Massachusetts may only have two inches of snow, while New Hampshire is digging out a foot-and-a-half...

One thing that is likely on every New Englander's bucket list is seeing a moose.

Some New Englanders (especially those in Maine) will laugh at that being a bucket list item, as they see moose all the time. For the vast majority, however, seeing a moose is as rare as a solar eclipse.

I have lived in New England my whole life. I hike. I camp. I explore deeply-wooded parts of New England, yet I have never seen a moose in New England. When I was out west in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park, I did not see a moose for a week. It was not until the last day that I saw four of them!

So where can you see moose in New England? There are certain hot spots where moose are commonly spotted. And now is the time to go look. Between May and July, moose move to wetlands to feed, making them easier to see.

But where exactly do you look?

Many of the areas common for spotting moose are in Maine. According to an Outdoors article, there are an estimated 60-70,000 moose living in Maine. In New Hampshire, the moose population is between 3-4,000. Vermont is even lower, with around 2,000.

But you can see moose in any and all New England states. So if you're looking to see a moose this summer, drive, hike, or camp at one of these 11 places.

The Top 11 Places to See Moose in New England

If you want to see a moose in New England, you'll want to drive, hike, or camp near one of these areas.

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