It's been an incredibly bizarre winter in Maine this year. A winter filled with just as many rain and windstorms as plowable snowstorms. It's also been a relatively warm winter, with both daytime and evening temperatures consistently staying several degrees above normal at most weather stations.

While outdoor warmth is typically difficult to come by in Maine during the winter, there have been instances where it felt like an entirely different season. That included a short burst of summertime heat six years ago, when portions of southern Maine smashed through old records.

Maine Coastline Landscape Atlantic Ocean in the village of Wells
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According to Weather Underground, Wells was the home of the warmest February day on record in Maine. On February 22, 2018, Wells reached a high temperature of 77 degrees. Wells wasn't alone either.


According to the National Weather Service, more than 20 locations across the eastern seaboard and the south broke one-day temperature highs during the rare heat wave that February. A true sneak preview of spring and summer.

Before that record breaking heat wave hit Maine in 2018, the prior warmest February day on record happened in Portland back in 1997. Portland hit a high of 68 degrees that day. The record held for 21 years.

Views of the Portland Maine skyline
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There doesn't seem to be a consensus forecast for what can expect this February. Historically, February is one of the state's snowiest months, with many communities averaging well over a foot of snow.

The Famers Almanac believes that Maine will see at least a couple of substantial snowstorms this month. Accuweather seems to disagree, believing February is going be somewhat mild with storms bringing more mixed precipitation versus pure snow.


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