Have you ever been sitting on your deck on a warm summer night to the comforting sound of whatever bug makes that noise you can't pinpoint, but you know it's normal? Especially if you live deeper in the woods up north in Maine or even Massachusetts, you know the sound of a cicada.

What is a cicada?

According to webmd.com, Cicadas are a family of insects that emerge in the summer months. Their hallmark feature is the loud buzzing sound the males of the species make. Cicadas have beetle-like bodies with fly-like wings and their size and color varies between species.

When are cicadas expected to emerge in Maine?

Well, according to extension.umaine.edu, cicadas will be on their way to Maine by July.

Most of the North American species–including most in Maine–belong to the genus Neotibicen which is comprised of the 'Annual' or 'Dogday' cicadas, which emerge from the soil during the 'dog days' of summer (late July and August) as nymphs and then quickly molt to the adult stage.


Here's where the trillion part comes in, fox23maine says,

2024 will be a year where 2 of the 15 broods will emerge around the same time. These are the Brood XIX, which emerges every 13 years, and the Brood XIII, which emerges every 17 years. Dr. Shockley says it's entirely possible there will be a trillion cicadas that emerge between both broods this year.

Personally, I love the sound of these dudes. Just not when they land on my shoulder, or I find them dead in my driveway.

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