I'm so sorry that I'm about to say this, but here I go. "Do it for the gram". I said it, you understood it, and now, let's talk about why you'd want to post this bad boy up on your gram. First things first, it's a tower. Where can you even find a tower in 2024, or even an appreciation for a tower like this one?

Well, you can find both of those if you visit Mount Battie in Camden, Maine. You can also find a ton of history behind this stone tower that, according to maineencyclopedia, has been around since 1921. Coming in hot at 26 feet high, the structure overlooks as much as you can imagine.


Honestly, this would be a great place to watch to upcoming solar eclipse, bring a picnic up to, or simply get away from humans and take a break by looking down at the world.

Have you ever been to Mount Blue State Park in Maine? If you like hiking and finding towers to climb, I absolutely suggest you try finding this one. There's also a really cool one called Tower Hill in Grand Lake. I've always wanted to check it out, but according to mainetrailfinder.com, the tower itself is not safe to climb anymore.

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