I mean, I'm sure the sentence "That's illegal to mail" also has many other answers to it, but there's one answer that really stuck out to me. To my understanding, and from everything that Pipes Magazine says, it is very illegal to ship tobacco to Maine.

After more research, Maine.gov, the state of Maine DHHS, shows the application process to obtain a retail tobacco license. This doesn't give you permission to mail or receive tobacco through the mail, but it does give you the right to sell it under the oath of their laws.

Shifting through my research process, I also found a user from Pipes Magazine that had an opinion on the matter:

"I reside in Maine, and the real pain is that it’s illegal to ship tobacco here. I could make nice with a cigarette shop (the only kind of B&M near me) and see if they’d purchase pipe tobacco for me at a steep markup (not to mention pestering them with ordering dozens of different new blends to try all the time - or to act fast on quick sell outs like FVF)….


Or, I could pay the $150/yr fee and obtain a tobacco retailer license. I’m struggling to see the downside to this, other than not having a clue how to open wholesale accounts with various tobacco companies, and if I actually need to turn any sort of profit on the business to keep the license. I wouldn’t be opposed to opening a part time B&M specializing in pipe tobacco if anyone else in the area would even shop there. "

Anyone out there who has perfected the craft? What are your thoughts?

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