It feels like light years ago when times were simpler -- telephones were attached to the wall, you'd use an antenna (remember bunny ears?) on top of your TV in hopes of getting some channels to come in clearly, you'd play outside until the street lights came on.

Candy canes were simply just cane-shaped, brittle sticks of peppermint.

But times have changed. Drastically.


Telephones aren't on walls anymore. Hell, telephones aren't even really just telephones anymore, they're basically little handheld computers that are kept in our pockets, clutches, or clipped onto our belt buckles now.

Staying outside until the street lights come on doesn't really happen anymore. In fact, not only do parents generally have to try and convince/bribe their children to go outside and play, but half the streets don't even have lights anymore.

Bunny ears for free TV is more or less a thing of the past, and in fact, cable is headed that way too, since most people just use an internet provider and streaming services to binge watch any and everything

And candy canes are pretty much every flavor except peppermint.

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Spangler Candy

Sure, some candy companies like Spangler Candy offer original, peppermint-flavored candy canes, but flavors have branched out more to flavors like Skittles candy canes, M&Ms candy canes, Airheads candy canes, Hawaiian Punch candy canes -- you get the idea.

Archie McPhee's

Then, there are companies that just cash in on that absolute weird, unique, and at times, bizarre flavors, like Archie McPhee's -- whose slogan is "We Make Weird" -- offering candy canes that taste like sardines, brisket, gravy, Caesar salad, mac and cheese, and more.

Which begs the question -- if a company like Archie McPhee's, or even a local candy shop like Wilbur's of Maine or Robin's Confections offered specialty packages of Maine-flavored candy canes, what would they taste like?

Here Are the Maine Flavors That Would Come in a Specialty Candy Cane Pack

Would you want any of these flavors to actually become candy canes?

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