It may not feel like it at the moment, with the threat of a Nor'easter on the horizon next week, but Spring is indeed here. And whether the weather cooperates or not, the cycle of life is going to keep, well, cycling.

It's during the spring that most animals begin to emerge from their warm winter hiding places and venture out into the open.

NPS.Gov Matthew Lambert/Friends of Acadia
NPS.Gov Matthew Lambert/Friends of Acadia

A spokesman for the Department of Inland, Fisheries and Wildlife, Mark Latti, says that while it can be tempting for folks to get closer to the wildlife they come across (whether it be out on the trails, or even within city limits) it's better to "always enjoy wildlife from a distance."

Latti says it's normal to see things like deer, foxes, coyotes, and even bears start to emerge from the woods this time of year. He says he knows it's hard to resist the urge to draw near to these cuddly critters to get a closer look, but sometimes doing so can lead to problems.

A Black Bear is looking out of a Forest in Canada

It's also typical for these animals to have their babies with them or nearby. Animals are often quite protective of their young. Latti says as tempting as it might be to either handle or draw nearer to the babies, it could put the young animals at risk.


Take birds, for example. Latti says people should not get too close to nesting birds as getting too close may cause the parent birds to abandon the nest and put the eggs at risk of not developing.

young Chicks in the nest

"We always say 'If you care, leave them there.' It's better to zoom in with your camera, if you can than to get closer in person."

Latti says that if you come across an animal you believe might be in distress, you can always reach out to a Maine Game Warden. The Wardens can be reached through the Maine State Police dispatch by calling (207) 624-7076. Or you can reach out to a Maine State Wildlife Biologist by going to

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