Everyone has a tattoo they regret.

At this point in my life, if I meet anyone my own age without a single tattoo they don't regret getting at some point, it's because they put the effort into either having it covered up, or removed. I've even covered up a couple tattoos from my 20's that just seemed kind of cringey at this point. Nothing crazy, just sort of aged out.

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I still get tattooed from time to time. I haven't decided to actually get rid of any at this point. Not to mention, everyone I've ever talked to that's had a tattoo removed, said it's worse than getting the tattoo itself. I can imagine. Nothing like having a hot laser burn colored skin off your body. I know it doesn't work exactly like that, but that's my assumption, hahaha.

The state of Maine is looking at adding tattoo removal gear into prisons.

Tattoo machine with needle close up.

There are plenty of tattoos to regret in later years. Maybe you don't want that Dancing Bear on you anymore, or the super angular tribal tats that dominated the early 90's. Maybe at a different point in your life you were involved in gang activity and wanted to be rid of the reminder of your former life, and on top of that, maybe you're incarcerated.

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Dan Bannister

It's hard to get tattoos removed while you're in jail. But the state of Maine has been going so far as to take some bids from companies that could help offer these services in our prisons. Inmates could work on getting rid of tattoos that could hinder their efforts to reintegrate into the work force, for instance.


It could have long lasting, positive impacts.

Let's face it, getting tattoos removed isn't free. And while it's unclear who'd actually foot the bill for the removals, or if it will be available free of charge to the inmates, it could have major positive effects. Imagine having tattoos that remind you so much of a life that you'd like to leave behind. This would go a long way towards rebuilding that self-esteem.

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It's all very much in the information-gathering stage at this point. There's no immediate plans to bring the technology right away. But, if this discovery process pans out well, this could be great news for folks in Maine's prisons who are looking to get a head start on a better life for themselves.

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