The Maine DOT says there's one particular section of the interstate in Bangor that's been troublesome; the Interchange of Exit 178 by Hogan Road.

They say the three primary issues in that spot are safety, access, and congestion.

When crunching the numbers, folks with the MDOT discovered that in the last 3 years, there have been 94 crashes in that one specific location.

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And at its peak, that road can see up to 35,000 vehicles a day.

With a lack of sidewalks or shoulders along the bridge area, it's not the safest, should someone need to pull over and get out of their car or truck.

The Maine DOT started working on a solution a few years back, and what they're proposing is the creation of a Diverging Diamond Interchange to help alleviate those problems.



The Maine DOT says the DDI, as it's called for short, will help by:

  • "Increasing safety by reducing crashes by approximately 50%.
  • Increasing mobility and reducing congestion.
  • Providing for a dedicated bicycle/pedestrian protected path within the width of the existing bridge. "

But they realize the new plan is going to take some time for folks to wrap their heads around, and they want to hear from people who drive that road daily as to what their thoughts are on the subject.

They're looking for input on the proposal, and they're providing a link to submit feedback online. (Click here.)

DDI Bangor 1, Maine DOT
DDI Bangor 1, Maine DOT

" Check out our on-demand presentation about the construction of a diverging diamond interchange (DDI) on Hogan Road at Interstate 95, Exit 187. We’d like to hear from residents and others who travel this area to present information, gather feedback, and answer questions. Anyone with an interest is invited to view the presentation."

The project would be partially funded by a $26.6 million dollar grant from the Federal Government.

The Maine DOT is hoping to kick things off sometime next year.

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