Police seized meth during a traffic stop after the driver did two illegal U-turns on Norton Road in Franklin County, Maine.

Drugs Seized after Illegal U-Turns and Traffic Stop

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said Deputy Viers saw a car do the first illegal U-turn and tried to pull the vehicle over. The driver then did another illegal U-turn and was stopped.

Drugs in Driver’s Possession

Deputy Viers “wanted to perform a field sobriety test, that’s when he found drugs in the driver’s possession,” said the Sheriff’s Office. The driver’s name and age were not released.

Franklin County Sheriff's Office
Franklin County Sheriff's Office

Meth Seized and More Drugs Sent to Lab for Tests

Viers seized 30 grams of different narcotics during the search. He found 14.5 grams of meth, and another 15.5 grams of narcotics was sent to BCI for tests.

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