Some great news for the Surry area!

Back in March of 2024, a nasty storm had a major impact on certain parts of the State of Maine, including a popular lobster destination in Surry, known for its waterside shack that serves up lobster & seafood plates, alongside hearty sides & beers.

Their planned 2024 Mother's Day season opening was pushed back, due to the complete loss of their lobster dock, which was wiped out by the high winds & rain that hammered the area that weekend in March.

Perry's Lobster Shack, located at 1076 Newbury Neck Road in Surry, took to to social media yesterday, sharing the great news, that they will officially open this Thursday, June 13th!

Best of all, the forecast for Saturday & Sunday, looks fantastic, so grab Dad and take him for a Father's Day treat.

Get a sneak peek of what you might eat, by checking out their Instagram page

Until the construction on the new wharf is finished, they will be ready to serve you daily, from 3 pm-8 pm, 7 days a week.

The plan going forward will be to operate between the hours of 12 pm-8 pm, so stay tuned for that news, which will be coming soon!

For many years, the Lobster Shack has been a great spot to enjoy delicious Maine seafood, and take in the sights.

Fans are looking forward to their return on Thursday:

Cindy Fitkin
So exciting! I can hardly wait to come and eat at your restaurant!

Florence Reed
So happy for you! And all of us who enjoy your great food.

Trudy Jordan Clarke
Sooo happy for you!!!

Chris Whalley
My summer diet is saved!

Joan Montgomery-Dunn
Looking forward to a visit!

Deb Sanders
Congratulations! Your hard work and persistence has paid off!

Page Palumbo
Congratulations! We can’t wait to see all that you have done!

Christina Turcotte Sicard
Hooray! Will be back to Toddy Pond next week so we will be sure to come check out all the great things happening!

Eric Joseph Sturm
You deserve a fantastic opening and summer season Seth! We look forward to being a part of it!

Michelle Rafferty
Awesome. So happy to hear this. See ya soon..

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