Tyler Farr unleashes stout rock guitars and a rap verse from blazing-hot newcomer Jelly Roll in his unapologetically loud "Country as S--t," a summer-ready ode to windows-down, mud-crusted, beer-soaked fun in the country.

Farr and Jelly co-wrote the tune along with Vicky McGee, Josh Mirenda and Andy Sheridan, and frequent Farr collaborator Jason Aldean is a producer on the track. Aldean shares production credits with Kurt Allison and Tully Kennedy.

"Man, there's nothing better than being in the studio and making a hit with your best friends," Farr states in a press release. "Jason [Aldean] is a freaking blast to be in the studio with, and Jelly took the energy to new heights. We are so excited to share with y'all what it sounds like when our three worlds collide."

Throughout the lyrics of the song, Farr and Jelly take turns offering scorching celebrations of life in the backwoods, checking off all the boxes for what it means to really party in the country. "Trucks stay muddy" and coolers stay "loaded down" in the chorus of this song, with namechecks offered to Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and George "No Show" Jones. More than anything, the song avows, "What you see is what you get / And what you get is what it is."

Fans will have ample opportunity to see Farr's live rendition of "Country as S--t" this spring, as he's hitting the road with Koe Wetzel for six shows starting in early March and also joining Lee Brice on tour in the fall.

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