Morgan Evans takes fans inside his post-divorce healing journey in a new, five-part docuseries called Over for You.

The video series chronicles the release of his song of the same title — a song he wrote right shortly after he and Kelsea Ballerini announced their divorce in late August 2022 — as well of a string of banner shows he played last fall in his home country of Australia.

The series' subject matter runs the gamut from sweet home family clips — in one, Evans plays a "monster" to a group of his young nieces and nephews — to lengthy performance videos of songs like "Young Again," "Big Skies" and "Kiss Somebody."

During his trip overseas, Evans alludes to the tumultuous circumstances surrounding his personal life, but he's never quite as pointed as Ballerini has been in her post-divorce reflections, such as in her appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast and her new EP, Rolling Up the Welcome Mat. Instead, Evans focuses on the gratitude he feels for being around family and spending time in his home country.

At the center of the videos is "Over for You:" The first of the five videos shows Evans debuting the song during his headlining set at the CMC Rocks QLD Festival, and a subsequent video takes fans into the studio session where he cut the track for release. That session took place the same day that Evans released the official live version of "Over for You," and as he absorbed the fan reaction to the song, he said that responses he'd seen from listeners were giving him new perspective on the feeling he had when he wrote it.

"It's starting to feel like my story now, and not something that I'm watching happening, if that makes sense," he comments in Episode 4.

In the fifth and final installment of Over for You, Evans spoke to the camera from a beach in Australia, contemplating his impending return to Nashville and the country music industry. For a while, he admits, he wasn't sure about returning to Music City, with its fast-paced country music industry and divorce drama still swirling.

"I was sort of dreading heading back to the States, just because it feels good to be on the other side of the world right now, but I love it so much there," he says. "I love Nashville so much. I love country music so much. I'm kind of excited as to what that's gonna look like now. And if I can bring in this perspective that I've got here in the last three weeks, I think I'll be in as good a spot as I can be."

Evans has got big plans for spring 2023: He's joining Brett Young on the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Tour, which launches in late March.

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