Orrington is celebrating Old Home Week, with lots of activities all week long, including an endless yard sale!

I love Orrington and the people who live there. Jim and I have made Orrington our home for 6 years now, and I worked at Snow's Corner Store for 6 years before that. Jim also worked at the store for about a year and agrees that the residents are awesome. There's a real small-town feel to this community that lies just outside Brewer, with folks who watch out for each other and know how to have fun.

All this week, Orrington is celebrating its 229th birthday with Old Home Week. Festivities include public suppers and ice cream socials, a wiffle ball tournament, and nature walks. I'll be hanging out at the PERC plant on Saturday for a touch-a-truck fair and tours of the facility. And, of course, the Endless Yard Sale, that runs from Friday through Sunday. There will be residents and organizations all over town with goods to sell, some for profit and others for charity. Yard sale maps will be available at most local businesses at the end of the week. And a complete schedule of events is available on the Old Home Week website.

So, as a resident of Orrington, I have a few requests. Traffic in our little town will be heavier than usual, so pay attention as you pass through and be ready to stop. Yard sale enthusiasts are apt to run across the road without looking, open their doors into oncoming traffic, and park in all sorts of crazy ways. Just slow down, keep your eyes open, and be ready for it and things should go smoothly.

As for the folks who will be browsing the sales, please remember to use your turn signals before slowing down. Don't slam on your brakes and remember to look both ways before crossing the street. And please don't park on people's lawns, but do pull over as far as possible to allow traffic to flow. Finally, take a few minutes to chat with the residents running the sales. You'll find, as Jim and I have, that they're some of nicest folks you'll ever meet!

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