On a list of all of the spookiest ghost stories in every state Maine's has to be one of the spookiest of all!

During this the season for spooking, Mentalfloss.com took a look at all the famous ghost stories from each state to find the spookiest! According to their findings, Maine's spookiest haunting may not be the one you hear about the most!

The spookiest story in the state of Maine is from a long time ago on an island -- like many off the coast of Maine -- with a lighthouse. Seguin Island is home to the tallest and second-oldest lighthouse in the state.

It is also said to be home to the spookiest ghost story in Maine. It's a story from the 1800s that appears to be more fiction than fact, but no matter, it's spooky! The story says a young light keeper and his new bride traveled to the island to live and work. After a short time, the new bride began to get very bored and lonely. To solve this problem the keeper brought his wife a piano for entertainment.

Unfortunately, his wife only knew one song on the piano and began to play it repeatedly. So much that it began to drive her husband insane. One day the light keeper had gone so mad he found an axe and began to chop the piano into pieces. When she protested, his wife became the new target and the axe was turned on her.

It's reported the keeper took his own life after coming to terms with what he had done. It is said you can still hear her cries and the faint sound of piano music drifting from the island at night.

Do you agree this is the spookiest ghost story from Maine?

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