A Teddy Bear movement is spreading across the state, with residents displaying the stuffed animals so passing kids can see them.

I absolutely love this idea. My kids are grown, but I once had young children in a house for days during an ice storm, and remember how quickly they got bored. In the current health climate, children not only can't go to school, but they can't invite other kids over to the house. It has to be incredibly challenging for their parents to keep them happy and entertained.

Now, a national movement involving teddy bears has come to Maine, and families are enjoying the cute distraction. Residents are encouraged to place teddy bears in the windows of their houses, or maybe even on the porch, and then let others know where to find it, via social media. Parents can then take their kids for a walk or a drive, and have a teddy bear hunt. It might even be fun to take pictures of the bears, and then let the kids create collages of their results.

It's a great way to give the kids some fun and fresh air, and for the community to come together. Add some food to your outing, and it could be a teddy bear's picnic. I've heard there are several bears in the Fairmount Park area of Bangor. If you know of a location with a teddy bear on display, share the address in the comments section under this post on Facebook.

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