She's been living a mother's worst nightmare this past week, and yet Kristine Wiley's been on site today thanking the volunteers who have stopped to bring her words of encouragement before setting out to search for clues in the disappearance of her daughter.

Early this morning, hundreds of civilian volunteers answered the call from the Maine Warden Service to aid in the search of missing Glenburn teenager, Nichole Cable.

The 15 year old was reported missing earlier in the week and her family believes Nicole may have agreed to meet someone at the end of her driveway Sunday night who was misrepresenting themselves via Facebook.

During a press conference Wednesday, her mother, Kristine Wiley, put out an impassioned plea for the return of her daughter and since that time law enforcement agencies have been interviewing friends and family, conducting computer forensics, and fielding tips from the public.

Still, there's been no word from Nicole.

Today's search efforts have been coordinated by the Maine Warden Service which set up a command post at the Glenburn Fire Department on the Lakeview Road.

The effort is being supported by Search and Rescue teams as well.

Gary Drinkwater with the Waldo County Search and Rescue team says it was timely when the Warden's put out the call Saturday night because the teams were attending an annual Maine Association of Search and Rescue conference and training session and were all in once place to get the message their help was needed.

Below is an audio interview in which Drinkwater explains the process of coordinating the many volunteers involved in today's search.

Nicole's Mom Kristine told me this morning that she still has hope Nicole will be found and she's grateful to all those who have helped in the search to find her daughter.

"It will only take one person who has the right information. We need to keep her name and picture out there."


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