A new campaign, from the governor's administration, will encourage Mainers to check out their health insurance options during the pandemic.

Too many residents are finding themselves in positions they never thought they'd have to deal with, including unemployment and food insecurity. Health insurance is another challenge for Mainers who are not working because their business is closed. No health insurance is scary enough, but when you add in the factor of possibly contracting a dangerous disease, it's much worse.

Commissioner Jeanne Lambrew, of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, said during a CDC press briefing on Tuesday that many of these folks have no idea how to even start looking at whether they qualify. And the fact is that many of them probably do. So this new campaign will use radio and television ads, as well as social media, to spread the word about the MaineCare website. It's full of information about what it takes to qualify, how to apply, and what your coverage will include.

For example, if you're a single person making less than $1,467 a month, or part of a family of four making less that $3,013 a month, you may qualify for free or low-cost coverage through MaineCare. If you're income is higher than these numbers, there are still options open to you, to help keep you covered during your hiatus from work.

It's important to remember that you can sign up for MaineCare anytime. So, unlike coverages provided by employers, there isn't a certain 'window' in which you have to enroll. Anyone with questions can call 1-800-965-7476 to get individual help from Consumers for Affordable Healthcare.

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