It's Hot Hunk Monday, and Dierks Bentley beat out Granger Smith last week for the title. So this week, he faces off against another Smith - Canaan! Vote now!

Last week's competition was neck-and-neck for a while. But Dierks' fans stepped up to the plate and took him to victory, with 78% of the votes over Granger Smith. Dierks is pretty cute, with killer blue eyes. And a lot of women are fascinated by his hair, whether it's cut close to the head, or is longer and curly!

Canaan Smith isn't afraid to show his sensitive side, admitting in his bio that he often tears up when singing the song 'Bronco,' which is about his brother who passed away. Don't let the scruffy facial hair fool you. He's a big softie at heart!

So, who do you think is sexier - Dierks Bentley or Canaan Smith? Remember, you can vote repeatedly, so come back often and show your support for your favorite. We'll reveal the winner and face them off against a new opponent next week on Hot Hunk Monday!

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