It's National Love Your Pet Day, so I couldn't resist putting together some photos of my favorite canine friend.

I've always enjoyed dogs, but didn't fully become a 'dog person' until I met Jim. My hubby adores dogs and his enthusiasm has rubbed off on me. Of course, the total affection of his dog Floyd was what really won me over. I tell Jim that I fell in love with the big, old husky/lab mix before I fell for him. He and Floyd had been together since Jim's teenage years, and they were totally devoted to each other.

For me, that dog is Gifford. We've had other dogs that I adored but there's something about Gifford that has truly touched my soul. He's a big, goofy, sweet boy, who plays hard and loves even harder. Fond of car rides, he's constantly nuzzling our ears as he lays his front legs across the arm rest between us. He loves sleeping on our feet, snuggled under whatever blanket we have thrown over us.

The first thing people say when they meet Gifford is 'he's so big!' I guess my photos just don't do justice to what a huge dog he is. If he stands on his back legs, his front feet are easily on my shoulders. He's got a huge, wide chest that makes him look even more powerful. And, if he doesn't know you, he can be very intimidating. But once you win him over, he's just the biggest sweetheart.

Okay, time to stop gushing. I hope you have a beloved pet in your life, as well, and I'd love to see their photos. Share them in the comments section under this post on our Facebook page. Let's share the pet love today!

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