A short film, entitled 'Hey Charlie,' shows the spiral from healthy, active teenager to full-fledged addict from a powerful and scary first-person perspective.

This three-minute-forty-second film first came to my attention through a post on the Brewer Police Department's Facebook page. I watched the video and was then compelled to look up the organization that created it. The Christopher D. Smithers Foundation, Inc. works to educate the public about alcohol and opioid abuse, viewing it as a treatable medical illness.

The film is graphic, so not suitable to the very young. But, in my opinion, would be an important educational tool for teens. It's not shown from the perspective of watching someone who's addicted, but from the point of view of the addict...actually looking through their eyes.

Maine's growing opioid issue will only be slowed through education of young people, who need to fully understand the consequences, and through adequate resources to help those who are already addicted. Check out the website for Stop the Spiral for more information about the national problem. And find available resources in your area at 211 Maine. 

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