Perhaps at some point in your life, you've referred to that crazy friend or family member, or even your job, as a dumpster fire. Well, today in Hermon, the fire department pushed the definition of that term right back to it's true roots, by putting out an actual dumpster fire.

Well, not quite a dumpster exactly. According to the Hermon Fire Department Facebook page, workers on a garbage truck from Casella Waste, noticed that they had a fire happening in the hopper of their truck.

Thanks to some startlingly logical quick-thinking, they drove the truck straight to the Hermon FD. Firefighters got the truck to a safe place where the truck could be emptied so that firefighters could extinguish the smoldering garbage.

For fun, here are some of the other descriptive phrases that came to mind when thinking about this situation. It was a hot mess! I bet it smelled like hot garbage! Those guys were totally on fire! Those guys really trashed the place!

And so on, and so on.....

Well done, Hermon Fire Department. Thanks for all you do!

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