I remember when I was in high school, most businesses around Bangor were closed on Sundays and holidays. Back then, pretty much the only store that was open at those times was Skip's Yankee Grocer. Some may remember that spot, some may not. But you sure weren't going to get into Shop & Save that day, for sure.

And then, in the early 90's, Maine loosened up some of it's "blue laws". Blue laws prohibit days that larger stores can be open at certain times. A lot of folks felt that repealing the blue laws would put a lot of small stores out of business. And it did. It wasn't long after it passed, that Skip's closed.

But fast forward a couple decades, and most of us sit around wondering why more stores aren't open on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have to save it all up for Black Friday, I guess. But, there are a select few places you might find open on Turkey Day. Such as:

  • Dunkin'
  • Some local restaurants
  • Many chain restaurants like Applebee's etc.
  • Walgreen's
  • Movie Theaters
  • And if you're feeling ambitious, you can take a trip down to LL Bean's.
  • Most convenience stores

And I'm sure there will be other places too. But the big stores like Hannaford, Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, etc... they'll all be closed for the day. And of course, at 12:01a.m., all those same big box stores will be opening up for Black Fridays sales.

So if you must do some shopping at one of the places that's not open, take a nap and wait. Sleep off some of that huge turkey dinner you sucked down, and then get out with renewed vigor.

Probably someday in our lifetime, the laws will change more and we'll be able to shop on Thanksgiving. Maine is only one of a handful of states that even have blue laws anymore. So be patient, and it'll probably happen. But until then, rest up and enjoy some quiet time with the family.