Facebook is great for a couple of things. One for me is to keep in touch and see photos of friends and family that live miles and miles away.

But Facebook is also great for being an alternative to yard sales. And you don’t have to leave "whereever you are" to see what people have for sale.

It is all right there on the Facebook Community Group pages.

Like how about this item a friend sent to me yesterday from the Ellsworth and Hancock Barter, Swap and Sell Facebook group.


My friend must have sent it to me because I love skating and playing hockey on ice, and he thought therefore I like ice fishing.  Brrr.  But not if you have this for an ice fishing shack

Let us take a look inside this ultra-creative fishing hut.


And the ad says it even has a radio.  I reached out to the owner to make sure that the radio was tuned to Q106.5 and the reply was.

I don’t know why not

Good answer.


The owner of the 1996 Chevy Cavalier Ice Shack described the item in the ad this way"

Ice shack – unique, one of a kind. Must see, has wood stove, drop down table & chairs, radio and more.

It is located in Hancock and available on the Ellsworth and Hancock Barter, Swap and Sell Facebook page.

When asked who did the work, the answer was:

My partner built it and I helped. It was something he always wanted to do as he loved ice fishing.

Comments on Facebook are great too.

Peter Walker-

 This is one cool rig. I’ve seen it out on Toddy Pond all set up.

Maria Samuelsson-

Iconic Maine culture! Yankee ingenuity! Please don’t ever trash this, it belongs in the Maine State Museum. Gotta love it.

See the USA in your Chevrolet

Alex Dalton-

This is epic. Absolutely epic.

Heather Horek-

This Is why I need to live in Maine

Emma Cote-

I kinda REALLY want it. A car big enough for my dog.

Jess Bowden to Sika Bowden-

We need this in our lives

T.J. Hardison-

Ice Shack right there


All yours for $2 grand.

And here's what the 1996 Chevy Cavalier looked like when it rolled off the line


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Before we get to the list, remember to dress appropriately for the cold weather. We didn't put warm outerwear on the list, but it's definitely a must-have. Dressing in layers is important to ensure you're warm enough throughout the day on the ice. If you start getting too warm, you can simply take a layer off. Hand warmers are also worth packing.

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