You’ve heard the old expression "One’s man's trash, another man’s treasure." This may or may not fall in that category.

The Coastal Resources of Maine trash plant is what it was known as, but if that doesn’t sound familiar it was only in operation for six months.

Now the facility owners have agreed to sell the plant to the Municipal Review Committee

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The Municipal Review Committee is made up of communities that used the facility. The more than 100 municipalities were the only group that had any interest in ownership of the trash plant.

The group has agreed to a price of a little more than $1 million. But the higher costs will happen in the anticipated restarting of the plant.

But some good news.

The participating municipalities ‘One Bin, All In’ model will be in effect, meaning trash and recyclables will not have to be separated by households.

The plant will continue to recover everyday recyclable materials from the waste stream and convert what is left into saleable energy and other products.

That’s recycling.

Delta Thermo Energy, a Pennsylvania based company who have developed waste facilities all over the world will operate the facility.

DTE has facilities in Germany, Japan, South Korea, Romania, Russia, South Africa, and Singapore.

And by the end of June, Hampden, Maine.

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