Hampden Academy Music Association is a parent group that supports the efforts of the Hampden Academy music department. The group’s chief responsibilities are to organize and manage fundraising, and to organize volunteer support for music activities.

Okay time for a fundraiser

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A dodgeball tournament.  Yes, dodgeball.

The one day dodgeball tournament will take place tomorrow, Saturday November 5th at the Skehan Center in Hampden. It starts at 9 a.m.

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Proceeds will be used to support the HA music programs by providing scholarship funding for performance and cultural trips.  Also equipment and college scholarships.

Also there will be a small silent auction and concessions available.

And all monies raised goes to the cause.

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Next trip for the band, the concert choir, the chamber singers and the treble choir will be in March next yar at the Worldstrides Heritage Festival in New York City.

There are over 100 Hampden Academy students who are enrolled in the music department’s course offerings. In the past, many have gone on to study music in college and some have had successful careers in the performing arts.

Here is a link with more information 

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