A group of hunters is suing the state of Maine in hopes of ending the Sunday hunting ban.

Hunters are taking another shot at ending the prohibition on Sunday hunting in Maine. Back in March, a bill that would have lifted the ban was shot down in committee. LD 1033 would have allowed landowners to hunt wild animals and wild birds on their private property, on Sundays. Landowners can also give written permission to other individuals, allowing them to hunt on the landowners' private property on Sundays.

According to the Associated Press, opponents of the ban filed the lawsuit on Wednesday. Their claim is that the Sunday hunting prohibition violates Maine’s newly passed "Right to Food" amendment. In a statement to AP, the group says the ban "was created based on the religious and social beliefs at the time, not biology or science."

The "Right to Food" amendment was approved by Maine voters back in November 2021. In essence, the amendment ensures Mainers have a right to grow, raise and harvest food of their choosing. Proponents of the constitutional amendment said it gave some control of the food supply back to Mainers.

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According to the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action, Maine is one of 11 states in the country that still bans Sunday hunting. While other states have limitations on Sunday hunting, Maine and Massachusetts are the only states that currently have an outright ban. The rule stems from "blue laws" that restrict or ban certain Sunday activities.

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