Governor Janet Mills is quarantining after exposure to someone who is believed likely to have COVID-19.

"I feel well," the governor said in a media release, "and will continue to work on behalf of Maine people, but this is a reminder: no one is immune from exposure. We've got to take this virus seriously."

The governor is not experiencing any symptoms, but understands that asymptomatic people can be contagious. Consistent with CDC guidelines, she began her quarantine on Tuesday, and will stay in her residence at the Blaine House until December 12th. All of her interaction with her Cabinet and staff will be in a virtual capacity until the end of her quarantine. She will be tested for COVID-19 on Thursday.

Posting on her Facebook page, Governor Mills stressed how important it is for all Mainers to work together to stop the spread of the virus.

The Governor is believed to have been exposed to COVID-19 by a member of her Executive Protection Unit. The EPU member developed symptoms on Monday and is now awaiting the results of a PCR test. The two were last together in a car on Saturday,  November 28th. They were wearing masks and were in the vehicle less than 10 minutes. EPU members are required to be with the Governor at all times, but have a strict protocol of face coverings and social distancing.

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