Bill Glynn built the house in Wellington, Maine 30 years ago while living in a tent on the property. And he built it alone, from the ground up, working sun-up to after sunset.

Connie Glynn / Go Fund Me page

A few weeks ago, that family home burned to the ground. Nothing left but ashes and rubble.

Connie Glynn / Go Fund Me Page

What’s next?

Even though he’s nearly 80 years old, Bill’s going to rebuild.

Connie Glynn / Go Fund Me page

His daughter Connie has started a Go Fund Me page to raise money to help the rebuilding effort. Here’s the link for you to contribute whatever you can.

And here is an incredible fact that very much speaks to why it’s so great to be a Mainer. The fund raising goal was set at $20,000.  Ask anyone that raises money, that’s not an easy task. But this is Maine. And Wellington and surrounding communities have more than stepped up in less than two weeks. They’ve surpassed the goal. That moved both Bill and his daughter Connie to tears. Bill told ABC FOX TV he never expected help from anyone. Further monies raised will be used directly for rebuilding the family home.

In these difficult times, who could imagine having your home burn to the ground, but the good feeling of communities stepping up to help is simply amazing.

If I may suggest, go to the Go Fund Me page, even if only to read the incredible stories that Connie has written about her Dad and the home and what has happened. And if you’re not having a blessed day today, think about this story, the sense of community, and be proud to be a Mainer.

From Connie's writing on the Go Fund Me page, Bill Glynn gets the last word "Just because you can't touch something doesn't mean you can't feel it...just like music"

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