Jim and I welcomed a new family member over the weekend as Gifford the puppy came to live with us, and he seems pretty content!

It was a busy weekend at our house after we picked up Gifford from his original home on Friday evening. The drive home was pretty uneventful, although he wasn't altogether sure he liked riding in the car. But we stopped several times and let him get out to stretch his legs.

I think his least favorite part of his new home was the bath he got immediately upon entering the house! But he toughed it out and fell sound asleep after, wrapped in a big fluffy towel. And his favorite part is the food, because we are 'dog people' who tend to share our food with our animals. Giff doesn't get much, but a tiny bite or two of the beef pot pie filling seemed pretty harmless. And, as you can see in the video, he really liked it!

Gifford is a combination of Springer Spaniel, Husky, and German Shepherd, with long back legs and a sturdy frame. We're pretty sure he's going to be tall, and should weigh in the neighborhood of 70 pounds. So he's going to be a big boy!

But, for now, he's an adorable little peanut who seems very happy in his forever home, even though the big blonde dog does put him in his place occasionally. But they're starting to warm to each other. He loves being outside and lying in the grass. And I have a feeling he's going to enjoy the snow, although he'll be tough to find in a snowbank!

If you haven't heard me explain his name, it's because we thought he looked like ice cream. Vanilla on the bottom, butterscotch on the top (or toasted coconut?), with hot fudge running down his nose. And we discovered that even his foot pads are ice cream colored because they're pink AND brown, or strawberry and chocolate!